Do all people struggle with decisions the way I do? Or am I just spectacularly good at stressing over every detail of my life? I cannot even bring myself to truly title this blog for fear of making the wrong choice. I am also currently behind on every entry due to the fact that I chose to attend the University of Arkansas- Fayetteville, and then fearing I had made the wrong decision transferred to an entirely different university the second week of classes. That’s commitment to being uncommitted. 

Maybe it’s human nature to battle one’s own mind in certain situations, but my mind is in a constant tug of war over every possible situation. I have a feeling that every blog post from here on will require triple the amount of time sitting and contemplating the topic as is required to actually write the post.



Indecisiveness & not trusting your own judgment:


Indecision vs. Indecisiveness


The appropriate line for the University to send to me should have been, “Congratulations! Another decision for you to dread making!”

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